Norman M. Lipman Award

Norman M. Lipman

The award

The statue

Presented annually at l'Eté du Vin's Charity Grand Auction in Nashville, Tennessee

Norman Lipman (1928-1982), Lipman Bros. Executive Vice President from 1961-1982, was a generous humanitarian and a nationally recognized leader in the wine and spirits industry. He was a founder of l'Eté du Vin and a vigorous supporter of this international event which has, since its inception in 1980, raised more than $11 million. Lipman died in 1982 after a courageous battle with cancer.

The Norman Lipman Award is a tribute to Lipman and the humanitarian qualities of wisdom, courage, optimism, commitment, and integrity that he embodied. L'Eté du Vin presents the award annually in memory of Lipman and in recognition of individuals who have embraced these virtues in their personal and professional lives. The award is announced during the annual gathering for l'Eté du Vin's Grand Auction in Nashville, Tennessee.

Established in 1991, the Norman M. Lipman Award was created to honor individuals of unique gifts and character — individuals as outstanding in their own way as the man for whom the award is named. Nominees are proposed annually by people who are in some way associated with the wine and spirits industry throughout the world.

The public commemoration of the Norman Lipman Award is a specially commissioned sculpture, Man of Love and Wisdom, by Tennessee artist Terry Williams. Created of burnished steel, the twelve-foot statue depicts a figure striding forward in confident leadership. His hand is outstretched, palm up, in a gesture of support and encouragement. On his arm is the heart of love and on his shoulder the owl of divine perception and wisdom.

On permanent loan to Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, where Norman Lipman received treatment and comfort during his final illness, the sculpture is housed in a private atrium where the families of cancer patients can retire for peace and reflection.

Each recipient of the Norman M. Lipman Award receives a small steel replica of the owl from Man of Love and Wisdom, created annually by artist Terry Williams as a unique recognition of his or her achievement.