Corporate Timeline

Harry Lipman

Meyer Lipman

Norman Lipman

Robert S. Lipman

Harry Lipman founded the Franklin Distributing Co. in Franklin, KY. This liquor and wine distribution company was established at the repeal of national prohibition prior to the repeal of prohibition in other Southern states.

The state of Tennessee repeals prohibition. Harry and his younger brother Meyer, who had recently joined the company, relocate their business to Nashville. Lipman Brothers., Inc. – now the official name of the company – received its wholesale liquor license, Tennessee State Permit No. 1, which it still operates under today. The original location was at 208 Second Avenue South.

Lipman Brothers was the very first distributor of Jack Daniel’s after the repeal of prohibition. In fact, handwritten correspondence between the Lipmans and the nephew of Jack Daniel’s founder Lem Motlow – Dan Evans Motlow (“Hap”) – is saved in the Lipman company archives.

Prior to the institution of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Nashville’s Second Avenue would continually flood every year. So, the Lipmans decided to relocate the business. They purchased the property on the highest ground within Nashville city limits at 29 Hermitage Avenue for their new company headquarters.

Harry’s son, Norman, enters the family business.

States approve the sale of liquor by the drink. Lipman Brothers expands to a new facility at 299 Hermitage Avenue. Harry Lipman retires.

Norman’s son, Robert, enters the family business.

Lipman Brothers establishes a separate wine division.

Norman Lipman dies of cancer at age 54.

Robert S. Lipman purchases the family business and becomes the sole owner.

A separate entity – R.S. Lipman – was founded in order for the company to expand into the non-alcoholic and beer sectors of distribution.

Lipman Brothers relocates to its current location, 411 Great Circle Road, in an area known as Metro Center. The state-of-the-art facility houses the largest temperature-controlled warehouse in the state.

The R.S. Lipman product line is further expanded to include premium cigars and Riedel Crystal. A large walk-in humidor is built within in the warehouse to house Lipman’s cigar inventory.

The GreenGrove Luxury Items brand is established under the R.S. Lipman Company. Riedel Crystal, premium cigars, and other luxury items are made available to the public through catalog sales, via phone, and the internet.

Lipman's distribution area expands into the Chattanooga Region to include 50 of the state's 96 counties.

Construction begins on expansion of Lipman's office and warehouse facilities.

Construction is completed on the expansion of Lipman's office and warehouse facilities. The expansion results in a building footprint of over 185,000 square feet.

Lipman Brothers and Tennessee Wine & Spirits Company entered into an agreement whereby Tennessee Wine, though maintaining its separate identity, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lipman Brothers.

Lipman's distribution area expands into the Knoxville Region to include 74 of the state's 96 counties.