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Estrella Damm - “The Star of Barcelona”


The Estrella Damm Brewery was founded in 1876 by August and Melanie Kuentzmann Damm who left their native Alsace to escape the upheaval caused by the Franco-Prussian War for the business and lifestyle opportunities offered in Barcelona Spain. August had been a brewer in Alsace, and the family has continued this brewing tradition for eleven generations through the present day.

Estella Damm is brewed using the original 1876 recipe. Estrella Damm continues to malt their own barley in their own malthouse, making Estrella Damm the only brewery in Spain, and one of the few in the world to do so.

The Master Brewers at Estrella Damm have teamed up with the culinary team and sommelier staff of the globally acclaimed elBulli Restaurant to create a unique beer blend they have named Inedit. Inedit, meaning “never been done before”, is combination of barley malt and wheat, aromatized with spices. Inedit exhibits a complex aroma and opaque appearance.  It is lightly carbonated and features a rich, creamy texture along with a soft, full body. Inedit has been created to pair with foods that contain citrus and oils used in salads and with vinegar based sauces. It also compliments dishes containing the bitter notes found in asparagus, artichokes and rucula.

The culinary team at elBulli, Chefs Ferran Adria and Juli Soler are particularly excited about the pairing possibilities of Inedit with salmon, tuna and fatty cheeses.  The sommelier team at elBulli, along with the master brewers of Inedit recommends that the bottle be chilled and served in an ice bucket (or wine cylinder) as you would a bottle of white wine and poured into a white wine glass. To learn more about Estrella Damm and elBulli, visit their websites, and We at Lipman Brothers look forward to enjoying Estrella Damm Inedit with the culinary creations of Middle Tennessee’s Chefs.